Brandon - Network Administrator

I’ve got 99 problems but a POE switch ain’t one
One of Carriage’s newcomers, Brandon comes equipped with 14 years of experience as a Network Administrator and an education with the University of Houston, thus allowing him to seamlessly transition into his newest role here. He has already hit the ground running and is fully ready to be a part of the team, thanks to his outgoingness, determination, and proficiency. It’s still only the beginning for him, but in a year’s time, Brandon is expected to have made connections to a majority of Carriage’s locations and bring his past experiences of outstanding service to all of you. If Brandon was to have a superpower, he wants to fly like Superman, so he can bypass the airport lines. Here at Carriage, we fully back his desire. Simply because we want him to provide that awesome service sooner rather than later.

Work: (713) 332-8433
Mobile: (281) 352-4259
Office: Houston Support Center
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