Chris - Manager IT Infrastructure

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It’s hard to tell by the looks of it, but Chris is actually in the Top 5 among Carriage Services Houston Support Office’s longest running employees. Recently surpassing 18 years, he has been here through many changes and growths during this company’s run in the 21st century. Chris has played a significant role in shaping the IT department to what it is today, ultimately solidifying his leadership position as the Manager of the IT Infrastructure. Chris’ knowledge and expertise goes well beyond everything that plugs into a computer, as he has the drive and passion to make Carriage Services achieve more than just great in this Good to Great Journey. If he was to have a superpower, Chris wants to be able to fly, and while he physically hasn’t been able to do it, his extraordinary experience shows that he has flown way above the rest already.

Work: (713) 332-8415
Mobile: (832) 314-8909
Office: Houston Support Center
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