Jeff - Software Engineer

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein
For over 20 years at Carriage, Jeff has carried the leadership and independent qualities of a businessman, combined with the strong analytical skills and expertise of his technological background to contribute to the lasting impact he has brought to Carriage in the last two decades. He’s a businessman, realtor (even for Carriage employees), auctioneer, and a CPA (with past experience at a Big 4 firm). Actively playing a role with nearly every department here at the Houston Support Office, Jeff’s insatiable curiosity and talents have been focused on cemetery property operations, helping grow CFSS, and countless other projects as Project Manager. If he was to have a superpower, it would be to leap tall problems with a single bound and have x-ray vision to read between the lines. Jeff does not concern himself with trying to think outside the box, because in his words, “There is no box.”

Work: (713) 332-8485
Mobile: (281) 642-5167
Office: Houston Support Center
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