Jerry - Field Support Specialist

In my cube powered by Hyperion, built by Rubix.
One of the co-founders of the original “Dream Team,” Jerry has made a name for himself to our Carriage end users, as his 22 years of experience in IT has greatly contributed to his success here. In his five years at Carriage, he has shown the passion to get things done in his role by having a hand in almost every system and program in the Carriage computer spectrum. Jerry has been recognized for his outstanding work, which has allowed him to become the senior of the “Dream Team.” He hopes to have the superpower of omnipotence one day, which would pretty much make him a god. Given the fact that he already has the power to control most things in the Carriage realm, this just goes to show his ambition for greatness far exceeds than what’s imagined.

Work: (713) 332-8456
Mobile: (281) 782-4690
Office: Houston Support Center
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