June - Software Engineer

Only half of a rainbow but enough to shine bright!
Being a twin, June’s parents cleverly named her twin sister and June, Hong and Xia, respectively, which translates to “rainbow.” For over two decades, June has risen above her peers by mastering electrical engineering at the Shanghai University of Technology and the University of Akron in Ohio. After fulfilling all that she could do in electrical engineering, June has effectively shifted her focus on making sure CFSS runs as smooth as possible for over five years now at Carriage. For her superpower, June wishes to have the ability to grant wishes like a genie. Luckily, even without the power, June is already accomplishing this task for our CFSS end users.

Work: (713) 332-8587
Mobile: (281) 989-5594
Email: june.chen@carriageservices.com
Office: Houston Support Center
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