Kyle - Lead Application Engineer

Work smarter, not harder
Upon graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Kyle has for the past nine years proven himself in the field of software development. He continually showcases the drive to further enhance his knowledge and skillset to then improve all facets in his role and the company. Kyle’s talent, leadership, and potential were all seen early on, which gave him the opportunity to facilitate countless projects with ease. This, in turn, has allowed him to thrive and mature within Carriage now as the Lead Application Engineer in just five short years. Always striving to be the best, Kyle wants to have the superpower like Apocalypse, a powerful being with countless powers. Clearly demonstrating that no obstacle is too great, Kyle will forever look to the future in achieving that pinnacle of success.

Work: (713) 332-8541
Mobile: (225) 978-6914
Office: Houston Support Center
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