Marisol - Lead Application Support

The opposite of vanilla from Manila
Ever wonder who took part in getting your payroll and benefits completely up to date with Ceridian? Or who helps in making sure Carriage’s financial reporting is at its best each month? Our very own Marisol plays a role in making sure Carriage Services performs smoothly on the surface through her diligent behind-the-scenes work. Drawing on her background in business management, thanks to Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines, Marisol has continued to shine in her role at Carriage for several years now. If she was to have a superpower, she wishes to have the power to stop time. It’s understandable, because after all the great work she has done in her short time here, who wouldn’t want to stop and enjoy the success?

Work: (713) 332-8554
Mobile: (713) 409-7232
Office: Houston Support Center
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